LAB-CONTROL Zone – expanding into new territories

We continually strive to enrich our exhibition by observing visitor expectations and global trends. This year, the trade show expands its profile to include a new LAB-CONTROL Zone, where companies will be able to present laboratory accessories, analytical equipment, software and optical devices, as well as control and measurement instruments.

Themes covered in the LAB-CONTROL Zone

The zone is targeted at producers and distributors of:

  • lab accessories, small equipment and laboratory glassware
  • analytical equipment
  • equipment for testing composite properties
  • quality control equipment
  • composite design software
  • optical devices
  • control and measurement instruments for chemical substances, reagents, gases, tests
  • lab software
  • professional detergents and protective clothing

This zone will be visited by representatives of industrial laboratories and quality control departments from the composites, institutions and scientific-research institutions as well as universities.

Special offer

We have prepared a special offer for companies interested in the Lab-Control Zone.

Do not hesitate to contact us: kompozyty@targi.krakow.pl